JoAnne delivers a dynamic motivational experience

Conference Keynote Sessions & District In-Service Sessions


NEW: But WAIT, there’s MORE!! Going the Extra Mile.
A recent survey asked district directors to identify what separated managers who just “get by” from those who excel. In this enlightening session hear JoAnne unveil the unique characteristics of managers who “Go The Extra Mile!” Find out if you can complete the entire mile!

NEW: YOU, Only More Professional
Appearing professional can have everything to do with who gets hired, promoted, and assigned to different tasks. At this session, custom designed for managers and employees, JoAnne will give tips for being perceived as professional – even while wearing a hairnet and tennis shoes!

NEW: Celebrating School Meals
The National School Lunch Act turns 70 this year. It has seen many changes and many successes. Those of us who work in the program have so much of which to be proud, but sometimes those things are overlooked as we deal with daily challenges and distractions. You are invited to the party where past accomplishments are the presents, and the present will define the future! Let’s celebrate school meal programs.

NEW: Aspire to Be Your Best
This guided work session will help you lay the plans to achieve your next goal. Don’t have a goal? Let’s work together to find a SMART goal for you so you can realize your potential.

NEW: Decisions, Decisions – Now, Why’d I Do That?
Life demands we constantly choose. If you have ever made a decision that later had you scratching your head and asking yourself, “Now, why’d I do THAT?”, then this session is for YOU. JoAnne will show you how it’s really not your fault as she sheds light on how ill-equipped we all are to make some important decisions. Together we will explore potholes in the road to rational thinking. This “ah-ha” workshop can help you make better decisions – both at home and on the job, and show you how to positively influence the decisions made by your customers/clients/employees. Based on the Behavioral Economic principles we apply in the Smarter Lunchroom Movement.


Meal or No Meal
What is more fun than playing a game?? Learn all about the traditional food based menu plan, and offer vs. serve; then join us down front with the briefcases in this take off on the “Deal or No Deal” game show! (Directors have been very pleased with the outcome of this session.) This is a two hour session.

What’s Right with School Lunch (Most Requested Session)
While a lot has changed with the new meal pattern, the rich history of the NSLP and its basic operational principles remain. If you have been thinking maybe a question mark belongs at the end of this session title, join JoAnne as she presents her most requested session, “What’s RIGHT with School Lunch!!!” – and see if you can get your exclamation mark back on!!! Just like the meal pattern, this session has recently undergone a complete overhaul. Let’s debunk popular myths about school meals together, and find the silver lining in this cloud!!

The ABCs of Teambuilding
Second most requested session. Presentation includes over 26 teambuilding tips. I recommend this when most team players are there, not just the managers. A big part of the session focuses on including everyone as often as possible.

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, Where did the Work Ethic Go?
Let’s spend an hour looking for the work ethic. Even if we don’t find everybody’s, maybe we will get some insight into how to understand and improve this.

Using your Super Powers to Change the World – or at least, improve it!!
This dynamic session will introduce you to some Child Nutrition Super Heroes and help you discover your own Super Powers! POW!! And WOW!! Great conference Keynote!

The Big Bang Theory of School Meals
A theory of the origin of the school lunch program. In essence, this theory states that school lunch began from an initial point and has expanded over time to feed billions of children and change universe as we now know it. Recent developments may lead to the extinction of some species, while other species – those exhibiting flexibility, may flourish and prosper. This session will educate, motivate, and hopefully inspire you, to adapt to changes, thus ensuring survival. Comes complete with School Meal Trivia Worksheet!

Marketing School Meals – It’s in the Bag!
Hands on session that teaches basic marketing principles and helps identify how to put those principles into action in a school meal program.

Customer Service
Let’s put a face on your customer service! This presentation models great customer service through some staff photos! While a smile is an important element of customer service, there is so many other ways your customers judge your service.

Every Penny Counts!
Great session for directors. Examine ways to track and best utilize the pennies that keep a program in the black. Presenter links this information to cycle menu development.

The Time Bandits are BACK!!
]Tired of always running behind? Need tips to help you outsmart the little culprits that steal your time and keep you in a perpetual state of catch up? Don’t allow another day to be hijacked! This session will highlight time management strategies that will give you an improved sense of control and accomplishment.

Key Area Training – CN Basics, Beyond the Basics, Manager Development, Tips for Public Speaking, Tips for Thinking Like Einstein

Other topics available. If you have an area of interest, ask.